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good morning,

Firstchik, look at your chicken's ears..  little circles on their cheeks..  the color of those spots is a good indicator of what shade of egg they lay ..


not much new here..  loaned my blazer to DD#1 //  she had it less than a day and the brakes and the starter both quit . both of my daughters drive their (any) cars hard..  like 40 mph right up to a stop sign and lay on the brakes..  then they wonder why they have to replace brake shoes twice a year..  



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I hope everyone had as great a Thanksgiving as I did. We had 5 of the nieces and nephews spend the weekend with us! Let me just say, 7 kids sure know how to eat wink.png
Things were wonderful for Thanksgiving. I love it when family comes over.
We got some new Blue Wheaton Americauna last week. I am so excited about them ♡ I have always loved them.
The kittens are getting huge! Almost 8 weeks. They will need 1 more deworming, and their 1st distemper shots. And then most head home on the 3rd. But a few are waiting until the weekend. We will miss them lots!
We are getting plenty if eggs here. The pullets that all hatched in January are definitely pulling their weighr. The girls that are a year plus are just finishing their molt. And should pick back up soon enough.
Jim, what was the big noise outside? Keeping us in suspense? ???
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Kiddos enjoying their turkey day leftovers smile.png

Half of the girls went to a good friend, and the rest are still here!love these guys ♡
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I had to work Friday morning.  Some people were very nice, some people not so much.  Retail is not fun during huge sales like that.


Jim, can you special order the parts you need from Menards?  have them delivered to the store and pick them up. 

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Cooties,  we never did find out what fell and made that noise,


We have GS and his GF staying here,  maybe they dropped a pile of kettles in the kitchen ?   Nothing seems to be out of place.


Wyo,  I suppose I could order the parts from Menard's..  but I am not a big fan of ordering things and waiting for them,, 

However,  had I done that instead of looking around, I probably would have them by now,  


As a draftsman/planner for so many years, I would rather spend the time preparing for a job and thinking it through too much,,


there are places online where I could order , too..


Homdepo was no help at all..


I have the fittings figured out with combinations of elbows, tees and reducers..  but I know that there are fittings out there where I would not have to use reducers..  


I have all the crimp fittings that I need to do the job,.  but I do not like how much they restrict the water flow..

for instance,  the half inch crimp, narrows the opening down to less than 3/8 inch..

unacceptable , especially for the shower ..  when I take a shower, I want the water pressure to try to knock me over..



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Woke up bright and early and cut 11 deer up, steaks and roasts all vacuum sealed and burger stuffed. Now a nap and a late family thanksgiving on the wife's side. Then back to te good ol third shift grind tonite. Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful day.
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Ha ha ha, I was talking about the homeowners flying the coop. We have Red Ranger, Black something or other (sex link, maybe) those two we got from the homeowners that flew the coop.  Then we have RIRs, Orpintons, wellsummers, Marans, Black Marlins (?)

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Hi All!


I think somehow we managed to get some sort of "bug" here. Neil started getting sick yesterday, and I'm not doing so good today. :(

Stay healthy!


Night All!

We are all just visitors to this earth.
What The Cluck!
We are all just visitors to this earth.
What The Cluck!
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Well I got the pillars and rails on my deck just before opener.




Got part of the extension on the house done day before the snow/rain came.

Wednesday Tyler got in an accident and wrecked my truck.

Same day I went to Brule to pick this up to add to my collection.

Cooked everything but the turkey on the wood stove for Thanksgiving, it was so awesome and delicious.


View from my deer stand.

Washed all me and Anellias clothes in the sink and hung to dry.


Hunted all deer season and never seen one single deer, kinda depressing. I was hoping to get one to feed us this winter but didn't turn out that way. 

Blue Laced Red Wyandotte LF and Bantam, Swedish Flower Hens, Salmon Faverolles, Buckeye, Iowa Blue, Speckled Sussex, Muskovy ducks & Toulouse geese.
Blue Laced Red Wyandotte LF and Bantam, Swedish Flower Hens, Salmon Faverolles, Buckeye, Iowa Blue, Speckled Sussex, Muskovy ducks & Toulouse geese.
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Good morning,

after the holiday I am not sure what day it is..  I will have it all figured out in time for the next one..


Frank LLoyd Sclark..  you must be up there in status to God.. making something out of nothing..


Did you thank Tyler for wrecking your truck?  After all, he saved you the trouble of doing it yourself..  I think that is how kids reason these things out..  I assume he was not hurt..  well, not right away, anyhow..


If he was going to do that much damage, the least he could have done was to hit a deer ..


Hang in there, things could be worse,,  somebody told that to me one time,, so I did hang in,,  and sure enough, things got worse ..


Having someone come between 9   9:30 ..  better go corral Frankie..




the people were here for 45 minutes,,  Frankie was a perfect hostess..


Annie bought the rabbit that we were babysitting,.  I told her to buy it, then if anything happened to it, I wouldn't have to feel guilty,,


GS's GF is out there right now trying to make friends..  she was afraid that it might get away from her and run away,,  I told her not to worry about that,  if it happens, it happens..  I think that rabbit is too fat to run very far..



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