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pine needles for bedding?? - Page 2

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ok, that is good to know.

They seem to like it. It smells good too. Thank you

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So I'm looking for some feedback about pine boughs. Though this is an old thread, I thought maybe someone could advise on this: Christmas trees! We never treat them with flocking or fragrances and with it now being post-Christmas and time to take everything down, I was thinking of using the pine boughs from our tree for added cusion and fragrance in the coop. I do a modified deep litter method (coop gets cleaned down to the floor about every 2 weeks-ish. I plan on using the boughs unless someone can give proof to any idea that it wouldn't be healthy for our girls. Thoughts??
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So far my dried pine needles are working out good.I can scoop out poop easier than when it is straw. I would think you would want to dry yours first a little more. My pine needles had fallen off a huge white pine and all I did was raked them up. You don't want moisture in the coop for this winter. Moisture creates mold. Some put a whole pine tree in the run, but that would be outside. The pine smell does not seem to bother my chickens at all. I love the smell to.

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Well, I had planned on using the dried boughs in the coop. But...all this snow kind of changed that idea. Lol, this is our girls first winter and first real accumulation. When I went ouside to let them into the run/yard, I expected them to all come boiling out of the coop as usual. Nope. The ducks were slightly more game but the hens were having none of it! Omg. Hysterical. Stood atbthe door of the coop just bewildered. Kept giving me the stink-eye like I had done it on purpose. lol.png 9inches of snow at 7:30-8ish. We took all the boughs and lined most of the run. They finally all made it outside. I think hunger was the driving factor but they wouldn't step off the boughs if they didn't have to. Even with the tarp over it, the run still managed to get some drifting. Lol, they wouldn't leave thw run either. Even tho I left the door open all day. Good thing at this point. With over 16 inches of snow on the ground, I'd lose even the darkest of my girls in it!
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Yea, my girls hate the snow too!

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