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I have some Buff Orps but have not had them through a winter yet.  Last year my Leghorns and Australorp laid the same all winter as they had all summer, almost an egg a day from each.  I did not use extra light but we have lots of light at this latitude.  Some breeds certainly lay in winter better than others.

You have gotten some excellent replies.  I certainly agree that I would never provide 24 hour light, as I don't feel they can rest as they should.  When the light is turned on in my coop after dark, they get off the roost, eat and drink, chase bugs, whatever. 

Personal choice on supplementing light so they have the 14 hours to try to keep the laying going.  But I would never keep light on 24/7, as I feel it interferes with their sleep.  You can only mess with mother nature so much before it catches up with you.