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yes sometimes the sperm can be held for up to 1 month

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Considering the mechanics involved, it's incredible that chickens are able to reproduce.  The rooster doesn't have any body parts to insert into the hen.  Instead, he has to bend his body as he stands on the back of the hen so that his back opening -- his cloaca, the same opening where his poop comes out -- touches the hen's cloaca.  It's actually called a cloacal kiss, and that brief touch is all that's necessary for the rooster to pass his seed into the hen.  The hen is able to store the rooster's sperm to fertilize several of her eggs that will be laid over the next week or so.

We Googled it when our roo began mating the hens. Now we crack a lot of cloaca jokes in our house.
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I have my first roosters and am a newbie so excuse the ignorance. I have a 13 week old blue Andslusian cockerel that is standing on and pecking the necks of my bantam pullets (same age) mostly, I saw him try to do it to a SLW too. Is he trying to mate or just being mean? I moved him to the run with the year old hens who can take care of themselves!
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