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We have 6 Muscovies in our starter flock and couldn't be happier!! I am more and more amazed as we spend time with them.  I think we have 2 drakes and 4 ducks, I think... They are quiet as church mice, the females offer a very quite pip while one drake makes more of a hissing sound.  Not a mean goose like hiss but a very subtle one.  We were looking for pest control and boy do we have pest control!!  So far I've seen countless flies picked from mid-air, one small garden snake - swallowed whole, a few unfortunate frogs and two or three blue skinks (lizards) eaten like it was a holiday.  Our largest drake, we call Fatty Duck, is the friendliest (or bravest of the bunch) and comes waddling right up to me the moment I get home.  All of them have the cutest tail feather wag when they know I'm bringing out a treat for all of them.  Two of the females have signed up for perpetual guard duty, they perch up on top of the covered chicken run and keep watch.  They trained very easily to go into their coop at nightfall and are very curious by nature wanting to help me anytime I'm around.  The rewards are almost limitless.  Never thought an animal like a duck, could bring such pleasure.  Stressfull day?  I simply go out back and sit with the ducks for 15 minutes or so.  The stress is gone without a care or a thought.

I hope this helps.


Troy & Tina