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I want to get some better picts of the coop, but this is my budget windproof Coop.  It is a 8x10 black and decker shed.  I paid 150 bucks for an at least $800 shed.  Ding ding ding!  Savings!  We put in a chicken ladder, 2x4 roosts, waters and a feeder.  I was looking all over for ideas prior to my dissection of the shed, so I thought I'd post mine.  Here you can see the large doggie door I installed for quick exit and entrance.  We have hawks everywhere here in coastal Texas as well as Crazy winds.  We bolted the shed down with stakes and wire, cause it sure does get crazy here.  I still am unsure if I'm going to put more ventilation in for the summer.  Right now the coop has two windows covered with chicken wire.  It is fine for our mild winter and rain.  


My next projects include adding more foliage for the chickens to hide under to avoid the hawks.  These guys are 17 weeks and I lost my favorite guy three weeks ago to a hawk.  Oh I cried and felt like a crappy mom.


I have learned and after being cooped up for a long time the bunch is enjoying their 1/3 of an acre.