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The link that I posted above is no longer available on YouTube.   The owner took the video down...not my fault.   Sorry about that!

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If a chicken is egg bound, she will typically have a bloody rear end when she tries to lay.  this needs to be addressed IMMEDIATELY.   There is only 1 way to take care of this and it needs to be done within the first 24 hours.   First, you will need to give her a warm bath for about 30 minutes to help her relax.   Right now, her muscles are tight and tense from the stress.  Next, you will need a plastic syringe (without the needle).   Fill the syringe with cooking oil and squirt it inside of her egg tract.  Now it's a waiting game.   Put her in a dark, warm, quiet room (inside of a pet carrying cage) and cover the cage with a towel for her privacy.  It helps her remain relaxed.   Give her a bowl of fresh cold water to drink.  If she doesn't lay the egg in 48 hours, she will need to be put down.  Otherwise, she will die in pain.  You will most likely see the bulge where the egg is.   DO NOT try to crack/break the egg inside of her.   It will cut her up on her insides and kill her. 


Also, if you have a chicken that is egg bound...(unless this is her very first egg that she every lays), an egg bound chicken means that her egg tract is small and never developed to the correct size.   Once you have an egg bound chicken, she will be egg bound again for the rest of her laying days.  It will happen again, guaranteed.   If you find a chicken that is egg bound, if you have the courage, you may want to put her down right way for the poultry.   Even if you can get the egg to pass, her suffering has just begun.

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