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need information on hatchrite parts. have small hatcher.

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Did you see my post earlier in this thread?  I created a HatchRite incubator site with repair ideas, free downloads of all the manuals I could find, sources for parts and how to rebuild one from scratch.  All free, no adverts.


Here is the link:

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Originally Posted by Opals21 View Post

Is it too complex to take apart?
4 people could not put it on a trailer, so I am thinking a truck with an hydrolic lifter to get it on a trailer and at the destination (700kms).The disassemble idea
is appealing to get it in to the room. I hope the terminology is ok as I am in Australia.
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I have a 2 door 4 tray for sale, I bought it a few years ago. I never really knew how to run it. I moved all the rollers to the bottom and hatch alot of birds and I used the top as a brooder. I would love to sell it to someone looking into getting into raising birds. I have original book. I am located in Hawley, Minnesota. I would like $2000 for it
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I sold my six foot one for $1500 cause it was toi big for my little operation. I had some awsome hatches from it.i missed out on one like yours for $400. Hard to find parts for them and the co. Is out of busuness. I would love to have a smaller version.
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I updated my HatchRite repair site today, adding some videos of the recent rebuild I did to my 2-drawer HatchRite CP50.  The videos detail the rewire process and the new humidity generator I designed.


Everything on the site is free:  Manuals, repair info, parts resources, Etc.  I hope to add a schematic soon.



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I added a schematic for the recent rebuild of my Hatchrite CP50 and a bunch more photos of the unit. 


Use the link from my previous posts.  The link to the new photos and schematic are found near the bottom of my web site.



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Is the website you linked still good? I cannot get it to open. Am considering purchasing a hatchrite incubator, but want to know parts and manual resources first. Thanks
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Hey guys can anybody help me out with the hatchrite manuals I got nothen with mine
it's the two drawer modle and it dose come on but a alarm goes off all the time I believe it's low water it need some tweaking I just need a little help.
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Sorry guys! My Hatchrite web site has been down for a while... But it is back up now!  I just moved to Florida and finally got my web server back up and running with a new URL.


Here is the new Hatchrite web site address:


As always, everything on the web site is free.  You can download manuals and the setup guide.  There are some movies on repair, parts lists and some slide shows.


I also list a couple repair guys that have done some great restoral jobs on Hatchrite incubators.




Kevin G. McCoy

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