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Bloody egg shell (pics) - Page 4

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On the outside: 

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That is pretty common with newer layers, and sometimes can happen occasionally to more experienced layers.

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Thank you! I am assuming you mean that it isn't any cause for worry at the moment. Ah, grand!

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I think that we all have seen a few blood-smeared eggs with our newer layers. If there was a lot of blood, then I would get concerned. Good luck.

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I purchased 25 araucauna pullets from Rural King and 3 Leghorns from a local farm store and all but 3 of them have the same problem (very bloody eggs). Their origins are with Townline hatchery. None of my other hens have this problem. Do you know which hatchery yours came from?
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Sometimes I get eggs that look the same way, I kind of freaked out when I saw the first one with blood on it's shell.

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