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Flat, Misshapen Eggs?

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I was amused yesterday when I retrieved the first one... it was a lovely bluish green, of a respectable size but flat on one side! Today I got a similar egg. Not flat really but misshapen. It's likely they were produced by the same hen since they were both the same color. I only have 2 EE's laying and my other bluish green eggs have been normal. Anyone know what might have caused this and should I be concerned? Is there perhaps something wrong with my gal that is producing these?

Thank you!

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If these are the first eggs you've gotten from these hens then it's surprising if they come out the correct shape.  Pullets have all sorts of kinks to work out and you can't really judge if anything is wrong for several months.  If it goes on for an extended period of time or starts suddenly and continues for awhile they might not be getting the right feed and everything they need to make proper eggs or they could have some type of infection.  If it's just one hen that keeps doing it then it's probably something genetic with that hen which you can't fix.

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She's been laying about 3 weeks now and yesterday was the first misshapen egg. I added them to the dogs food just in case but they are completely normal aside from the shape. I'll just keep an eye on the situation. Hopefully all will go back to normal soon!

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