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Baby chicks are like human newborns. You can't expect a brand new baby to eat steak and potatoes, and you can't expect week-old chicks to eat raw veggies.


If you supply them with chick grit, however, they can peck away at a leaf of lettuce, some soft melon or papaya, or other soft stuff, even meal worms.


But they need the grit to digest it. If you feed only their starter feed, grit isn't necessary.

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I have added 6 more little ladies to my one lonely hen Bella, they are 4 weeks old now and I've been slowly introducing them to her, but when they are not around she looks for them, but when I put them in the coop she pecks at them. Is this normal and is there a way to make her like them. I think she is jelous because I baby her to death,but she needs buddies. What can I do??
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We've got some little ones and are trying to introduce them to the big ones. They're not as small as that though -- they were seven weeks before being put in their own half of the pen, and they're eight weeks now.

I had some success with having the two small ones outside in the garden with the least aggressive of the large ones. I fed her a bunch of treats (raw liver) while doling out smaller portions to the smaller chickens and stopping them from running in right under the big one's beak. The smaller ones earned themselves a peck or two on the head from walking too close, which I permitted, but the lure of treats kept the two parties separated after the initial attack. Once the big one was stuffed, I stepped back and let them wander around, keeping myself positioned to body block in case of a sustained chase.

Unfortunately, what the little ones have started doing now is wandering up the narrow corridor to the big half of the pen where the main coop and nest boxes are, and which is full of corners for them to get stuck in. The adult chickens are rather less tolerant there, and the chicks aren't familiar enough with the layout to make their escape instead of flailing at the mesh.

In your case, I'm not sure what to suggest. What's your setup like?
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I am a born back to God by the blood of His son as well and I am waiting as well but we must always be good stewards and looking after our stock or hens etc is biblical...Proverb:12:10: A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast: but the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel.

So its good to try and find out what is a good and reliable food to feed dear little baby chickens


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Chicks love oatmeal, carrots and strawberry tops, it will be gone in no time:)

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What can you use as chick grit? Can I just use dirt from outside? I'm confused.
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Anything that, when viewed through a magnifying glass, has sharp edges instead of being round, is suitable for grit as long as it won't dissolve in liquid or in digestive juices, such as oyster shell.


Builder's sand and masonry sand, and most soils will qualify. But if you're in doubt, just buy some chick grit made out of granite rock.

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Reebee, I also think it is wrong to feed them chicken.  My husband thinks I am crazy!!!!!

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