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I've built a couple small pens for my quail should I ad a nesting box
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Here's a new quail hutch! It's currently 2 - 2ftx4ft cages with a 2ftx1ft safe place. We love it! Hopefully the quail do too!!
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Originally Posted by Sill View Post

Nice set up BTW!  I have those exact cups.  They learn to use them faster than chickens, guess they are smarter than we give them credit for.

These cups will never be full of water!  They are not meant to work that way! There is no float valve in them.  The bird triggers the yellow valve and drinks just the amount of water it wants only leaving a drop or two. The next bird will trigger it again and drinks just as much as it wants without extra staying in the cup. The valve only lets water into the cup if a bird is triggering it.  Understand?  If the cup is full it is malfunctioning!  Don't waste time switching them out, I assure you your quail are getting the water they need. smile.png

I've used these cups for my quail for two years now and they are fantastic!  The only problem I ever had was when a piece of their bedding got stuck in the valve and the water dripped out for hours until I noticed.  It was a mess, but I cleaned the valve and cup and it's been working perfectly since.  Make sure the cups are just high enough that they have to stretch just a bit to reach into it, that way they aren't stepping in them or throwing stuff into them. 

How many cups per birds do you onstall?
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Oops meant
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My Quail Layer cage.



Men fight for freedom, then create laws to take it away- unknown




Men fight for freedom, then create laws to take it away- unknown

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I'm about 60% done with a new 3 tiered quail coop. I'll get photos in the daylight tomorrow.  Each tier/pen is 4' x 1.5'. I wanted to expand to 3 pens, for keeping three breading populations separate and distinct, with correct male to female ratios. I am incorporating from all the lessons learned brooding, and breeding, and building enclosures.


I planned on scalping parts from my 'old' quail coop, but it seems a shame to rip it apart as it does everything exceptionally well, and handles a population of 7 females and 3 males.  They are all happy to temperatures as low as -20F here in WY. We consistently get 7 eggs a day from this population.


- It is built on a stock tank that is 2'x6'

- Has two areas. An elevated cock walk for selective breeding or housing males. A main area with a covey on each side.

- It has a circulating, heated water system. (water lines are heat taped, and reservoir utilizes a heated base)

- Over head nipple waterers in the main area, as well as in the 'cock walk'

- Pig feeder inside the main area and a rabbit feeder inside the cock walk.

- Plexi window covers over 1/4" hardware for cold months, and removable for summer months

- It is wired for light bulbs in both coveys, and one in the main area that also keeps the cock walk warm


So what to do? I'm not sure about the market for a quail coop here in WY, and it seems impractical to put it in the classifieds. But I am having some issues tearing it apart and recycling parts, versus trying to find it a home for close to the cost of materials.


Here is a write up on the coop from a little while back on my website. I think I have posted some pics on BYC in the past also.


Thoughts? Anyone know anyone in or around WY with interest? Or should I just consider it a renovation and be less concerned that I am taking apart something totally functional?


Thanks for your input.

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Organicquails - - that's very nice!  I'll hang on to that pic for future construction.


My son and I just finished this one.  We used pallet wood, old plywood, and leftover shingles.  We purchased wood for the frame, hardware cloth, water nipples, paint and hinges.  Total cost was about $45.



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--Philippians 4:13
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Nice work Irajoe. Way to re-use materials too. Wish I could do what organicquails has done. But my weather is just to cold for an open system. Why I'm updating things with a new 3 tiered, weather insulated coop. New coop the obvious work in progress. The old coop.. I'd rather sell than strip down is blue in the pic on the right.
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