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I have four hens and earlier this summer had three brown-egg layers and one Ameraucana laying bluish eggs.  


Then I got ten ducklings, and three grew up to be girls.  They have started laying. I sometimes have one little white egg on the ground that I know must come from a duck.  One day I even found a little white egg in the lower nest that has a ramp.  I continue to get brown chicken eggs.  The rest is very confusing.


Sometimes I find a small bluish egg on the ground, and sometimes I find the same egg in the lower nest, which has a ramp.  It's the color the hen laid all summer, but it's small and round like the new white duck egg.  Then I have started having one big grey/beige egg each day.  For a week I've had both the small bluish egg on the ground and also the grey/beige egg in a nest.  I wondered if the grey/beige egg came from a duck, but I found one in the top nest which does not have a ramp.  My runner ducks don't fly.  This suggests it's an egg from the Ameraucana hen.  But it does not have a hint of blue, just that strange grayish color, so I'm not sure it could be laid by my Ameraucana that laid bluish eggs all summer.


I don't have alternate nests, so I can't separate the hens from the ducks to find out who is laying what kind of eggs.  But I'm so curious!!!  I want to know who is laying what egg.

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Do you have a dog crate or anything you could keep one bird overnight to see what they lay. Do one at a time and check in the morning to see what pops out lol.
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Good idea!  I used a great big oversized bucket storage bin from WalMart ($6.99 each earlier this summer).  Cinnamon laid a good sized tannish/greenish egg. Yay! This weekend the other two ducks will each get a night inside!  Won't work with the Ameraucana hen, but once I identify the ducks I can work on seeing the difference from the hen.


Hey, I thought all ducks laid white eggs.  I guess I have one that does and probably two that lay bluish green.  Cool!

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Here are my three girl ducks eating.  On the left is Little Pea (Trout Runner), in the middle is Cinnamon Trout Runner) and on the right is Thunder (Pencilled Runner).



The six eggs on the left are chicken  eggs.  The grey/tan egg is from an Ameraucana hen, who laid blue/green at first, but now lays this color.  The six eggs on the right are duck eggs, with both a side view and an end view.  Fourth from the left are eggs from Cinnamon (large and blue/green), and shaped just like the chicken eggs.  Then Little Pea's eggs (small, round and blue/green), and Thunder's eggs (small and white).  

I named Little Pea at day-old due to her low weight.  It is funny that her eggs match her name, being little and round. Cinnamon frequently climbs into the nest to lay with the hens.  I have never seen her do it, but many times early in the morning I find her egg up there.  The other two... just discard their eggs anywhere.  I have to watch where I step!


All three ducks are the same age - just starting to lay.  The chickens are a few months older.

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Anyone have a guess what color eggs a mallard/ east indie mix will lay?
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