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that is not a good sign

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you may want to panic 

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I have 10 hens 9 are currently laying and 1 is broody. Yesterday I got 13 eggs. I have noticed extra eggs before but I thought I must have missed one the day before. Today there were 9 eggs. I will check again when I close up the coop. So happy to see others have this also as I was beginning to think I was nuts!!

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There was one day a few weeks back that i went down to the coop at  6 PM and got 10 out of 14 chickens.Well I went down there again at 8 PM,in the dark and collected 2 more. they were on the roost.


The next day I went down there around 2 PM and got 13 eggs. Then around 6 I went down and found 4 more! That's 17 out of 14, I think they were just showing off.


And no, I didn't miss some the day before, they only lay in  2 places

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I have three brown-egg layers and one blue-egg layer. For five days I got two blue and two brown eggs each day...  Now I'm back to three eggs per day, two brown and one blue.  Each time there was one little one, more blue/green in color, and one larger one, more bluish tan in color. But I know the two eggs had to come from the blue-egg layer since the other three have the standard pinkish brown eggs of brown-egg layers.  Besides, yesterday I got a single egg and it was two thirds bluish tan with a blue/green end!  


My duck just started laying and it's a white egg - and right now it's smaller than the chicken eggs!

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Update...  I thought all my ducks would lay white eggs.  I took a duck inside overnight, and discovered a greenish egg.  So one of the greenish (blue) eggs above was from my duck!  Now I'm still getting two blue/green eggs each day, but I think both are from ducks!  I think the hen has paused in her laying.  I didn't know ducks would lay colored eggs.  And at least one duck is climbing up the ramp to the chicken egg-box to lay!  Unusual for an Indian Runner duck.  The other two just let them fall anywhere they happen to be.

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I have 6 Cherryeger hens. I collect every day at 6:00 pm. I will get six one day and eight eggs the next. I feed high dollar egg pellets which includes vitamins and oyster shell. I also feed apples and any other produce that I have left over from my kitchen.
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yes I got 9 eggs yesterday from 8 hens, we have 8 chcikens 4 were new, we were getting 7 per day then went down to 6 eggs for 2 days, then we got 9, looking forward to seeing what we get today

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I have 9 hens and very frequently get up to a dozen eggs a day! Ive never had a soft shell egg, and they're all extra large in size. I've heard that this is rare, but it hasn't been for my ladies. I have 3 RIRs and 6 white leghorns. Everytime I find extra eggs I'm excited. I guess there's a competition in the henhouse to lay the most eggs! I made a joke several months ago, and I told them: "If you ever become freeloaders and stop laying eggs, you're going in the stew pot!"
And that was when double eggs a day started!! lau.gif
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My buff Orpington laid 3 good, hard shelled eggs in the last 24 hours! I don't know how this can be. My ISA brown has given us 2 eggs a day three times! Crazy.
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