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deep green olive eggs for sale

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The eggs I have for sale are darker than the ones shown. They are from pullets hatched from the above eggs, but fathered by my very best copper black marans rooster, Goody. See my website for pics of him and the egg he hatched out of! These black marans hens are in with a splash ameraucana rooster with color faults, shown below. ALL the babies will hatch out with blue plumage, pea combs and beards and very good olive egg genetics. Fertility is excellent and my incubator is full. I have only one hen laying the actual DEEP green egg, and several other dark laying marans in with the Ameraucana roo that should hatch out to lay very nice deep olive eggs for you later on this summer/early fall. You can combine shipping with other eggs if you want more than one sort of egg. The color on the marans eggs right now is similar to the darker eggs in the basket below. Some are even darker. You don't have to wait to the end of the auction to buy it now.

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i realy want some of those eggs but incubator full tell end of month think you might have some then

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sure will! If you buy it now, I will just reserve your shipping date. Thataway the eggs can still be auctioned off in this auction as it runs for the week. I wouldn't mind selling five dozen eggs off of one auction if we can all coordinate our hatching times... LOL

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Is this for a 1/2 dozen or a dozen ???

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I am in the same boat, my bator is full til Feb. I want a dozen if we can do it that way. Thanks!

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Oops, sorry, thanks for pointing it out I didn't say how many eggs. It is for a half dozen, plus extras.

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ill be in bakersfield for work thas still pretty far from you isnt it

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It's a couple hours drive, maybe three? I doubt you'd want to make the drive unless you were already visiting someone, but hey... you never know, LOL. The eggs are in Norco, CA, zip is 92860 if you wanted to mapquest it

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I can delay shipping to anyone/everyone that wants a different ship date, pending availability of the eggs. There should be decent availability with that pen, four hens laying regularly, not every day but plenty. Also has an ameraucana hen with nice BLUE eggs in there, and a few others with tinted/tan eggs that are not laying right now but should be soon. Just PM me if you are interested and I will add you to a waiting list if you want to pre-pay now. Otherwise, just get a hold of me when you get closer to time to order. There should be plenty of these eggs throughout the season for those interested.

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what is the prepay price?

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