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Farm Master Incubator (with picture)

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Hey guys, I just got a great deal in an old Redwood Incubator.

I'm soooo excited.

It looks like i've really got my work cut out for me.

Is there an electrician in the house?

I'll be using "Sunny Brook Farms" as a resource. Does anyone know of any other resources?
I've found a manual from another BYC member.
I of course will be replacing the Thermostat, (I'd like to replace the whole electronic package.)
Let me know what you guys think.


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Farn Master was sold by Sears in the early 1950's.  85 to 2100 egg capacities.  Check Sears Archives, spring catolog 1951 page 1147.  Hatched many a chicks with them.  What size is the one you have?

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It's got 4 drawers.
I'm hoping the electrical work won't be too challenging.
Some hinges will need to be replaced as well as some parts of the lid glued.
It should be an interesting adventure.

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There has to be some ole timer in your area that has used one and knows
something about them.  Is it a little far for me to run over and help you out.  I might be able to help you with some of the problems you face.  If you take a wire out, put a new one in.  Don't take them all out at once then try to put them back.  Take your time and you will have one heck of a bator.  Four trays you say, I am guessing, but that may be a five hundred.  Mid size, in a couple of months you will need a bunch of eggs. And a lot of friend to take the chicks off your hands.

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Thanks panner123. That sounds like good advice.
I plan to take it slow.

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Hey I have one of those incubators and part of the inside electrical was taken out.
Do you have a wiring diagram?
Sure would help me to get this working again.

David Tobey
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could I please somehow get pics of the inside of the junction box where where the inside of the light and fuse is located. I was needing help wiring a thermostat so I hired a supposed electrician to come do this for me and when I got back there were different wires cut and rearranged so now I am left trying to figure out how these wires go. If I could get pics on how they go I think I would be good. I have the same exact incubator as this, and when mines running they are the most amazing incubators I have ever saw. Thank you so so much for any information you can help me with. If you could text pics my cell number is 573-840-4434 email is

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can you please please please please please send me pics of the wiring of this incubator. I have the same exact one and I need to have it wired. I would love to see pics of the junction box up in the front. If you could do this I would be so thankful and would kiss your feet if I could lol. Its just that I have been trying to figure out how to wire up the incubator quite some time now and am having extreme difficulty. Thank you. My cell phone number is 573-840-4434

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