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Chickens are considered poultry so I would say that it is not allowed.

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As combat veteran struggling with ptsd and multiple physical ailments I have found peace caring for my small flock. I am also assigned a service dog. These were all suggestions from my therapist. With my service dog federal law covers her and nothing the hoa says can make a difference. When it comes to my small flock it may be different. I do have the solid argument that they are part of my therapy and that it is successful so they could be considered therapy animals. I live on a large lot and have no roosters as the local law states. I hav3 no complaints from the neighbors. In fact they love bringing there kids over to experience my kind hens and just the joy of having animals around. I would think I would have a good argument if I was ever to have any trouble with the HOA. But who am I. Just a disabled combat veteran that is trying to find peace and therapy to help me heal. I think the media would eat up an hoa trying to take that away from me.
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This is an old thread but wanted to reply anyway. I once lived in a newer style neighborhood with a fairly strict HOA. While I have seen another in an older neighborhood get away with the "pet" chicken title, most HOA's will not allow chickens (or livestock). If you want to breed something quiet for meat then build a rabbit hutch the same color as your house. Rabbits are great pets and ideal for small, low freedom yards.

But a rabbit, in my humble opinion, does not stand up to the chicken. Chickens give eggs, meat and they are interesting to observe. If you can, move. If it seems impossible, keep trying to find a way. If you are stuck in that house or love that neighborhood, seek to change the rules with the ruling class. For whatever reason, some retired folks dislike personal (yard) freedoms. They ride around on their golf carts with a measuring stick and a digital camera.  Chickens are great and worth the battle. If they want to outlaw something, outlaw golf carts and make them (the ruling class_)supervise on donkeys. Good fertilizer and it would also make for great entertainment. Good Luck!

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