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I really like my tsc I buy chicks from them 2-3 times a year. I bought 3 orders this year. The first was 11 silver spangled hamburgs, all 11 lived the only problem was that a few of them got pasty butt, it wasn't that bad though. My second order was 6 assorted bantams. They all lived no problems at all. I got 2 buff silkies, 1 white silkie, 1 grey jap bantam, 1 golden sebright, and 1 white cochin. my third order was 3 dark brahma, I ended up getting 1 male and 2 female and also 10 buff orpingtons. The only problem was they had there bins switched and I accidently got 10 sex links. I am really glad I did end up getting them they are so sweet. Another thing that I like is that they have it blocked off where kids cant get in but you can still see them. They also take really good care of their birds even the duck cages were always clean and the chicks are always running around they are never to hot or too cold.

21 Chickens, 6 Cats, 5 Goats, 3 Fish, 1 Rabbit, and 1 Dog !!! 


21 Chickens, 6 Cats, 5 Goats, 3 Fish, 1 Rabbit, and 1 Dog !!! 

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My TSC chicks from two years ago did great. All 20 were purchased as pullets and all grew to be beautiful healthy pullets. They produced an endless supply of eggs. I was well pleased.
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I know this is an old thread, but I was very pleased with my TSC chicks last year. The employee working the bins was surprisingly knowledgeable, she answered my questions about breeds, hatchery, etc. My store got theirs from Mt. Healthy hatchery last year. They had two bins of pullets, one was random assorteds and another was assorted reds, each had a list of potential breeds next to them. I was fine with that since it was our first year with chickens and I didn't know what I wanted yet, so I got 4 from each bin and the associate did her best choosing lively birds and an assortment. I ended up with three production reds, a golden comet, two California whites, a cuckcoo maran, and a lackenvelder. All 8 were pullets and all were very healthy. We butchered the whites because their egg production wasn't worth the feed, but the other 6 have consistently laid 4-5 a week, and my comet lays almost every day. Even the little lakenvelder gives us a perfect little white egg about 5 times a week.

I've ordered from Murray McMurray this year, but only because I know exactly what I want now. I do feel like tsc depends on your store and its employees, and if you're lucky you could have a really good experience like I did.
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I just purchased 6 assorted bantams from them a few days ago. I figured out after looking at my Mc Murray catalog they were not very assorted I believe I have 4 buff silkies and 2 white silkies. They are very healthy and doing great. When we got there the bin the were in did not have a label I knew they were not the assorted pullets like the rest of the bins they had little feathery black feet and black beaks. The lady who took them out for us said she thought they were broilers before someone told her different. They had been there 24 hours I sure hope no body bought any "broilers" lol! Sheesh.
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