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Here is my girl and a rooster. At what age can you start to tell the males from the females? I have 6 hatchery quality (clean legs) silkies in the brooder that are about 3 weeks old. I'm desperate for a broody girl 😂
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So I am new to breeding silkies this year. My partridge rooster is show quailty, some of my hens are nicer than others. My daughter wants to take one to the fair, so out of the first hatch, we kept the nicest chick plus one that was left over to keep her company. The nice chick has developed this weird "tic" with its head bobbing all over on occasion. I have treating with various remadies, not getting worse but not improved enough for her to go to fair in july.
The other silkie could go to fair in the any other breed category, but his feet are not the greatest. Otherwise hes not to bad looking. Here is a pic of his feet....what would you do???

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Crimeney! Was hoping this thread wasn't dead! Can we get a recent list of Silkie breeders up in here? I keep googling breeders names I find, and then discover they no longer breed chickens or silkies! So discouraging!
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There is three breeders I know I Florida that has some really nice stock sweetheart Silkies (Gretchen snuggs) and shanna Parker gardener on Facebook and indigo egg
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WI chickens; so I am new too.....but what your describing with the head bobbing....could it be hydrocephalus? Maybe a head injury? Oh dear. Feel horrible for your daughter. Maybe find another one from a local breeder? Sorry can't be of more help. Maybe Blooie, or Sonoran Silkies has a suggestion?
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Awesome Roada! I hope this thread can be revived a bit. Although I have learned a lot from older posts too. I myself am looking for some great quality birds to show maybe next year? I am writing down those names you gave me too. Also I can add Heirloom Orpingtons. He ( Jonathan Stone) raises Silkies, Orpingtons OFCOURSE and Cream Legbars if I am not mistaken. He has a website and FB. Fernwood Valley Farm in Upstate New York has silkies as well as multiple other breeds, and can be found on FB also but page not been updated lately. He is still there as I have contacted him though, and planning on reserving some chicks this fall, to be shipped.
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Maybe a Partridge? I am a newb, but from research, that is what the partridge Silkie chicks are colored like. Usually their head has a bit more of a poof than your pic though, but who am I to guess?!? Lol!!
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Blue Line Silkies has nice birds. They're located here in Tn. Hattrick is another breeder with lovely birds. I've gotten birds from Sleepy Hollow Farm in Va as well, I'd imagine Jamie still breeds Silkies, but I haven't been in touch with her in a while. Karen Larson, Geri Godina and Sheri Minkner have GORGEOUS birds. Karen advertised some eggs for sale recently and Sheri is pretty active on Facebook (she breeds Sizzles too). Those are the only breeders I can think of off the top of my head. I'll post back if I can remember anymore smile.png
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*C'mon, get flappy!*
*C'mon, get flappy!*
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Ya I'd get from Geri godina being the closest to me but she dosnt have splash
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O I just got onto Facebook and karen Larson is no longer shipping birds she says she will still sell locally she is selling all of her boxes here now on Facebook
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