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I wonder if we could get a group together to talk about making chickens legal in Parma?  If we get enough people maybe we can get some legislation going?  I would be perfectly fine with allowing 4 chickens (no roosters) like the ordinances they have in Cleveland. I have ALWAYS dreamed of having chickens in my backyard and I just think we need to get a group of like-minded people together to get something to make that happen....
I would be interested in a group!!
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Hi, just sign up today, though i've been raising chickens at Northfield the past 15 years but live in Parma. We need to sign a petition to get this rolling and maybe start a poultry show at Stearn Farm or any vacant public lot. Need to have people in our community involve, will bribe them with fresh eggs. Name suggestion for the group? I have DPK (domestic poultry keeper) in mind.
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I'm just tuning in. I live in Parma as well. Whatever happened on this issue? 

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I'm new in Parma and just found this site. Whatever ended up happening. Can we have a couple of chickens?

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Interesting idea. 

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I started this page to see how many others were interested in changing this law. There's a lot of engagement and it's a good community page.
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