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Changing East Peoria, IL city ordinance

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I sent an email to Ty Livingston, Director of Planning and Urban Development, for the City of East Peoria last Friday to ask about the ordinance banning chickens, bees, rabbits, and a host of other (but less savory) animals in the city.  I asked where the ordinance came from and what could be done about changing it.  I went through all the positives of bees and chickens and self-sufficiency and dispelled any common myths and asked if the City would entertain the thought of changing the ordinance.  I got a reply today asking if I knew of any other municipalities that do allow these animals.  I spent a little time compiling a short list of all cities and the specific ordinance regulating these animals.  He said he'd contact cities on my list and get some feedback on permits and enforcement and would be in touch within a week.  Depending on timing and provided we don't spark controversy the ordinance could be changed in 45-60 days.  I wish I would have known it would be this easy a few months ago..... 

I think I'm going to order chicks soon....

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Good job!  I am in Peoria, and I tried emailing with those same things but never received a response.  Like everything else... time for me to move across the river? smile  Hopefully it doesn't come to that.

Peoria city code re: farm animals:

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Good job, Josh!

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Does anyone have a complete listing of the area communities that do allow chickens?  I would like to present the ordinances to Metamora and hopefully overturn their ban.  Luckily we are still zoned county so our flock is safe.  

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That is exciting; please keep us posted on how it goes!

We live on 3/4 acre in reg. Peoria, and would love to have a few chickens and a dwarf or pygmy goat (the goat would mostly be to help eradicate the japanese knotweed in our yard without the use of pesticides - not only do I like to keep things pesticide free, but the knotweed is growing along one of our public waterways).  Anyhow, I fear the City of Peoria is a stronghold with regard to the ag. animal ordinance.  If anyone has any ideas with what may work to get things changed in Peoria, please let me know!  Also, has anyone had success with simply changing the zoning of their property?  If we were zoned agricultural, though we are in the city, would it be legal?

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