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These pullets are much darker in real life, more like the above color but even darker than the pictures show.


As you can see, the cockerel is MUCH lighter also. At least he has kinda a barring look to his feathers. The pullets have NO distinct barring, more of a spotty look, kinda.


These were taken at about 30 weeks...I can try to get better pictures in the am if needed also!

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Originally Posted by mithious View Post

I had ordered barred rocks from a hatchery and thought they looked funny and laid wayyy most of the pullets are much darker than the cockerel...the barring in not barring but more a spotty look and the pullet combs, at 32 weeks, are much smaller than a barred rock. I did expect to have a less than perfect BR flock, coming from a hatchery....but??????  My pullets, especially, look more like the Cuckoo Marans than the Barred Rocks....IDK....sigh!!!


I think I might have gotten either a mixed breed of cuckoo marans and barred rock, or Dominique and barred they really do NOT look like the old barred rocks I used to raise at all!!!


I read up some on the marans and seems they do look very similar to the Doms and BR's and it's common to end up with a mix, since years ago, with the breeding they did, some of the marans no longer have the leg feathering either....


I have NO idea what kind of hatchery chicken I have, but think I have been had by the hatchery.  I bought them from Hoffman Hatchery in Penn.  Anyone have any dealings with them?


I would kinda like to know what kind of chicken I have though!


Thank goodness I am getting Heritage Plymouth Barred Rocks and Heritage Dominiques in the spring!!!!!


If I put up some pictures, could anyone tell what breed these current chickens are that I have gotten? They are 32 weeks now...would that help?


Thanks for any info of help!!!!

I also wish I knew what I have!  One is easy to tell, the BO.  However, I'm not sure which is the CM and which is the BR.  I saw the breeder take them out of different brooders, but that's not proof of anything.  She did tell me two were 3 weeks old and one was 5, I'm sure, but I don't remember which.   However, two of them are larger than the third.  The larger dark one is more skittish than the other two.  Both dark ones have a white spot on their head, one larger than the other.  I'm not real sure about their leg coloring since they both look like they have black smudges on the fronts of them.  Buffy (I haven't named the other two yet) is getting a comb and it looks yellow.  I don't see combs on the other two, not even the larger one.  Just so none of the three crows!  That's not allowed in town!  The snow has delayed the starting of the coop building.  When I look into their brooder, which is a pretty deep storage bin on a new table in the kitchen, I have to stretch up, and then the heating light about blinds me, but they cheep a lot and love to scratch around in there and fling pine chips everywhere.  They sure are cute!  Does anyone know how soon I'll be able to just look at their feathers and see a distinct pattern so I'll know which is which so I can name them?

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I ordered 3 silver cuckoo marans and all of them had a white head dot/circle....pinkish-gray legs.

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