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Lohmann Brown Hens

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Hi there,

I am completely new to the forum and want to find out more about our newly aquired Lohmann Brown Hens. Besides keeping our established flock of Brown Shavers busy I don't know a lot about them. They seem very adaptable and friendly - but that might come down to the fact I speak German to them :-) Looking forward to hear from other chook lovers, greetings from an autumn New Zealand (and sad looking molting Brown Shavers), hendini

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Hello, and welcome! 

I don't think we have Lohmann Brown Hens in the US...  Post some pics for us!

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I currently have a few hens. This weekend I am getting rid of the last Rooster.
We find they are vary friendly, exellent layers of X large to Jumbo brown eggs.
The rooster was really good with the hens, humans, Very protective and kept a good eye for Preditors. He just keeps fighting with our other roosters for top spot.

Here is a link from the company in Germany that developed them.

and the link from the british website for the company. It has a few guides for commercial use but you may find some of the info good anyways.

google LOHMAN BROWN CHICKENS in images and you will see a bunch.

Here is one image.

Simular to toher production brwon egg layers.

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Hi and thanks for the warm welcome! I try to work my way through how the forum works so I suppose I can put my pictures under upload?! Poor chooks are still being chased around by the older existing flock so it is a bit hard to make them pose. They seem to have quite long legs (but then they are really young). We had a bad run with chickens buying over the internet (we live on a quite small island so it isn't so easy to get by proper stock). Poor things came obviously from a battery operated farm (were advertised as free range). But this lot looks absolutely gorgeous I think:-)

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Looks like a cross between a Production Red and a Cinnamon Queen.

Former keeper of hens, life isn't much fun without chickens... but


"With God, ALL things are possible."


Former keeper of hens, life isn't much fun without chickens... but


"With God, ALL things are possible."

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We have had Lohman Browns for a year now and absolutely LOVE them! We have access to them here in Oregon if anyone is interested.  Yes, they originated in Germany.  They are a medium sized brown/cream chicken with a great personality.  They start laying eggs in 4 months compared to 6-9 for most other breeds.  They lay large to jumbo sized eggs almost everyday.  Easy keepers.  Of all the breeds we have had we believe they are the BEST backyard chicken by far. Adult Lohman Brown hen

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What do you find is egglaying lifespan of these Lohman Browns??  I am very interested as I may be getting some here in Alberta!

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I don't know what their laying span is but we have only had ours for a year now and they are still going strong.  The hatchery where we get ours only keep theirs for about 1 1/2 years then replace but they want them young and tip top because that's their business.  They can't afford for them to go through a moult.  Since ours are a little over a year now they haven't gone through a moult yet.  They seem to be adaptable to any kind of situation or feeding.  We've had them inside, outside, only supplemental feed, free range, whatever.  A certain amount of light everyday does seem to matter but that is true for most chicken breeds.  I understand they like music but they tend to gather around the radio and smuther each other.  Probably wouldn't recommend that.

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Pretty hen.  The Lohman Brown is a sex link, commercial hen, developed by the genetics company in Germany.  Not so very different than an ISA Brown, Bovan, DeKalb, Warren, Hy-Sex, Shaver, Babcock etc, etc etc sex link commercial hen.  Each have a slightly unique pedigree and lots of genetic research behind them.  Typically, these patented birds come from patented parent stock and as a sex link, they don't breed true, of course.  These same companies typically offer a half dozen Leghorn type commercial white egg layer as well, each with a 4 digit ID number of some kind.  Many also offer a Black Sex Link option or two as well.


These large commercial hen poultry companies sell hatching eggs to commercial hatcheries, which in turn sell chicks to commercial layer operations, by the hundreds of thousands.  Often, the commercial egg operations turn their flocks after a laying season, or after two seasons at most.


Very pretty hen.

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Practicing Sustainable Agriculture At The 45th Parallel




Practicing Sustainable Agriculture At The 45th Parallel

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So do you speak german or are you living IN Germany?  How is the weather for a chick hobby there if so?

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