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I guess the reason I asked this question is because I've all the BR's I've seen at farms all appeared to be exactly the same size. This one is growing but definitely at a much slower rate. Funny thing is that this one is the only bird that doesn't mind me being near it.

Silkie33, My Buff Orphington looked just like that when that size so that would be my guess.

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Search "RSS" or "Runting Stunting Syndrome" in Google or the BYC google bar. That may be your issue... or just some slow chicks!
Remember, roosters often develop slower also.

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We have twelve new Hampshire reds that are two weeks and a few days old.One of the twelve chicks is smaller.The wings and her height is not quite as developed as the rest of them. She seems to be just as active as the rest.I have seen her eat and drink just as much as the rest of the chicks. Husband and I call her the runt of the Roost.

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By the way my "runt" chick is now a full grown 4 year old normal sized laying hen.  :)

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Originally Posted by Fergie View Post

By the way my "runt" chick is now a full grown 4 year old normal sized laying hen.  smile.png
Good to hear! I have four 5-week old chicks. One of the two Australorps is certainly smaller than the other, but she's acting and eating normally and has the same amount of feathering. I was thinking (hoping!) that maybe chickens, like humans, come in all different sizes. Nonetheless, I'm still going to keep a close eye on her!
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I have a runt in my McMurray Brown Egg layer batch. She is having a rough time as her flock mates grow and walk right over her. They are 2 weeks old. She scoots out from under the Brinsea for food and water, gets pushed around and goes right back under. If I can get my 6 week old batch of birds outside this week, I will make another space for her and a few of her more docile flock mates. I hate to see her struggle but maybe she's just not as healthy. Hope your little runt catches up!
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I have a BR runt too. Her name is Minnie.:D

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I had a "runt" too…named Lucky..we thought it would be a male because she was the "extra" chick mailed to us…we weren't even sure what breed she was..she was much lighter colored, we thought even a bantam possibly but now we know she is a buff orpington.  But by 9 or 10 weeks or so she pretty much caught up. I noticed that she was always a little more vocal..almost to warn the other chicks not to step on her. She also had a case of aspergiliosis that I nursed her through when she was a few days old, so I not sure if that had anything to do with it… Here is a pic of her at 3-4 weeks next to her golden lace wyandotte sister…much smaller!AppleMark



…here's her next to my other buff girl at about 9 weeks.



 and this was about 2 weeks ago. I am starting to have trouble telling her apart from Ronda!

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We have a runt black Ameraucauna with this shipment. S/he is so cute! (only 2 weeks old) Smallest of the 15 we received. But still spry and one of the better (practice) fliers of the group. Hoping s/he catches up later!

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