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Yeah, look out!  My duck eggs arrived at my door today.  I'll be high on "quack" before you know it!  ep

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Hi there,

I stumbled upon one of your postings about keeping dairy goats and chickens together in the same pasture/field area. I am in the process of doing the same thing, but am hesitant when it comes to mixing goats and birds due to a contaminate goats can pick up from birds and spoil their milk. I was wondering if I should indeed be concerned or if pasteurizing the milk will eliminate this potential problem.
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A reply to something that you said about "goat poop" that is that the chickens will eat it is goat poop is a wonderful fertilizer. We use it to fertilize our 400 blueberry bushes. Our dogs also eat it. The vet asks us to save some for his garden and dogs. All kinds of "poop" is good for all kinds of things. Chicken poop is good to feed Tilapia fish, that is if you are home raising them. Chickens will also eat the parasitic worms that live in the grass, that are deadly to goats. The # 1 killer of goats are these parasitic worms that the goats will eat when eating wet grass. Goats are not grazers but browsers like deer.  I go get tree tops and branches for my girls to eat. I hope this information helps someone. 

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We transported our two pygmy goats in a medium size dog cage in the back of our pick-up.  Our dairy goat filled it so we only did one that time..  Bottom is slippery so we put old piece of carpet scrap on the bottom.  Bungeed cage so it would not slip in bed of truck.  Worked good.

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here ya go Mamma and Rasta Goat. She's a pregnant pigmy and he's an Angora.  Kids arent his or so he says LOL

I clicked on the link and the pictures are gone
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I have a blend of livestock on my homestead and they all get along just fine. I have 12 cdhickens, two pygmy goats, two geese, and 3 ducks. 

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