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I am between Monroe/Indian Trail area.

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Hi Chicken-fil-a,

My name is Steve and I saw your post. I would like to know who and where the local guy you buy from who grinds and mixes his own blend is. I live in Harrisburg NC in Cabarrus County and have been buying my feed from Tractor Supply and also McCoy's in Midland. Need less to say I have been paying more for feed than you and would like to save some money but more importantly, I want to try to raise my chickens as naturally as I can without additives in their food. Hopefully you can help me out.

Thanking you in advance.


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For those who were interested in the name of the Cabarrus County farmer who mills his own grain, I've got a lead:  Barrier Farms.  I've been using his layer feed and mixing it with a whole grains - my girls LOVE this combination!  Protein is at 17%.


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I live near Locust and I am interested in the $6 .00 feed please let me have his contact info. I have 300 birds and sure could use his service.

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Hello fellow egg-lovers,

Well the chickens are ordered for a May delivery (YEA!) and now I am researching feed sources. I would ideally like to feed my chickens and organic, non-GMO diet...but the prices I am finding for organic feed for both a local place and after shipping online are in the $35-$40 range for a 50lb bag. YIKES! th.gif

I was going to make my own but I cant find a local organic grain supplier and Azure Standard doesnt have a drop off near me (plus I would never meet their minimum order). The feed mill in Mt. Pleasant mentioned above is very reasonable but they appear to be just non-gmo (not organic) and they mix with soy which I am trying to avoid.

I am located in north Charlotte...anyone know of some place I am missing? I want to make sure I am not missing a hidden gem before I make the sacrifice between exorbitant feed prices or pesticide-eggs barnie.gif

Thanks all!
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Originally Posted by Chicken-fil-a View Post

We live in Locust, about a half hour east of Charlotte and we buy ours from a local guy (Cabarrus County) who grinds and mixes his own blends.  His feed is all natural, but not certified organic.  The best part about his's $6.00 for 50 pounds ep.gif

We supplement the mash with oyster shell, free choice, and they free range.  All of our chickens are shiny and healthy and most lay an egg every day.

I also live 10 mins from locust could you please let me know where you buy the feed? Thanks!
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Originally Posted by New2ChickRaisin View Post

Could you provide me with the info to where you get your chick feed please?
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There's a great place in mint hill called woof'n hoof that you can get organic chicken feed and also all natural chicken feed
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would also love to know where to buy that feed.  that is an amazing price!!!

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Hi, have been off of this site for awhile. I have shut down my duck farm in San Diego and will be relocating to Morganton NC in 7 weeks and plan to start over with the ducks. I got acreage near Enola. Can I get any updated info on organic/non GMO/no soy/no corn feed. Thank you.
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