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Which Blue Seal feed are you using for your Chickens?
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I feed our dogs blue seal natural 26. My dog has been on it since I brought her home as a puppy 5 years ago. My fiancee's dog who was very over weight with a dull coat when I met her got switched to it almost 3 years ago. She will be 13 this year her coat glistens now and is pretty darn spunky for going on 13.not to mention in the first few months she lost her extra 20 lbs. As far a chicken feed. My chicken have been on it since they came home last may. They lay nice hard shelled eggs. Im in maine and out of 15 . 9 month old pullets they have layed between 8 and 15 eggs a day since they started laying in oct. On another note I had to buy a different brand of chicken food once since they started laying. the feed store i get blue seal from closes early sometimes.It was nutrena. Purchased at tractor supply. It was more expensive than my blue seal and a few days after feeding it the eggs shells started getting thinner and I got my first egg that the shell collapsed trying to collect the eggs. I immediately bought blue seal again and the eggs went right back withing a few days to so hard u can pretty much drop them and they dont break. Blue seal for life for me.
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Sorry, my posts were not showing up.
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I use the extra egg layer pellets
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The bag is red and yellow. It says home fresh near the bottom
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Thank you
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