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Broiler starter

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A client gave me five chicks that her broody hatched out and gave me a bag of broiler starter. I asked them if they got that on purpose and was told that they just went to the feed mill and said they needed some chick feed and thats what they gave them. They didnt realize what they got. I got them some regular chick feed since these chicks are obviously not broilers and was wondering if I can feed the broiler starter to the roosters that I keep in a separate pen intended for take up residence in my freezer this fall? They are by themselves and are currently still eating chick starter or a little scratch mix. Anybody know if this would be ok?


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I use Countryside Naturals for my almost 6 week old chicks.  The chick starter is the same formula as the Broiler feed, it's just ground finer for the little ones.  I think broiler starter would be OK.  I have actually switched my chicks over to the broiler feed and they seem to be fine.  Good luck with your chicks.


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It's just terminology. There isn't a different formulation for feed to be given to chicks who are ending up on somebody's dinner plate vs. those who are destined to end up on someone's lap as a beloved pet.

Countryside Naturals is what we use, too, and their chick feed is called "broiler feed." That's just what they call feed for chickens too young to lay.

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