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ko shamo

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can you show ko shamo or only bantam shamo ?

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Shamos are ahown in both large fowl & bantam. Ko Shamos are a seperate breed. They are a true bantam & they are not in the APA Standard. They could be shown but would not be considered for any award beyond Best of Breed.

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Tosa Chibis anyone?

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Ko Shamos for Sale


Varied Colors ( wheatens, speckleds, buffs, blacks, and others...)






Serious Inquiries ONLY



(305) 836-6823

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There is a little chibi type hen

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I have many questions on the Ko shamo , not sure if this is where i would post it but here are my only questions on the Amazing Ko Shamo.....

  • Are they friendly to Humans?
  • what does the color pumpkin look like?
  • any tips for beginner in the breed....?
  • I am hoping to get a pair in the spring .. already saving for the amazing
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