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Originally Posted by Sundari View Post

My one-year-old RIR has a large lump on her breast. I noticed it yesterday. It's slightly soft if I push on it. She doesn't seem to be experiencing any discomfort.

It's roughly egg-sized. Is there any way she could have an egg stuck up there? It's pretty much right over her breastbone.

Many thanks!!

Is it normal for little chicks too? (~10 weeks) I have one with it and every few steps she has to lay down
...I am afraid the seasoned chickens will think she is sick and peck at her....
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I was just starting to panic because I found a lump on my Americana. Thanks to this thread I now know that it's normal. Thank you!!!!!
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It amazes me how many people post in this forum about their chickens crops thinking it's some awful problem!

But if you think about it, it's not common knowledge, and it's a chicken thing for sure. I can see where everyone gets worried.

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Thanks folks! I recently purchased 4 Barred Rocks for next to nothing. Upon noticing the lumps I decided to check with you guys before freaking out! The recent heat wave did claim 2 of the English Orpington Buffs so I've installed a cooling system for 100°+ weather.
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Originally Posted by Imp View Post

My chickens don't really show a large lump. Every once in a while someone will post a pix of a huge crop, like baseball sized. It kinda freaks me out a little. lol.png


BTW- soft is good, If it is hard like a rock, it can be impacted.
My girl's lump feels hard like an egg. Do I need to do something??
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so I thought my big hen had a huge tumor. So glad she is just storing food👍🏻
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I recently purchased 4 chickens and last night was petting them and felt that lump and kinda freaked out. Of course I logged in here to find out what going on and was relieved to read that it's normal. I've noticed one of my guineas with lump on her chest. Don't really notice it so much on the others so hoping that is just her food pouch. lol. 

Mom of 4 guineas, 5 cats and 2 dogs:) 
Mom of 4 guineas, 5 cats and 2 dogs:) 
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My chickens are around 6 weeks old and one has two very large "breast". I checked a website that stated it might be her crop and it would most likely go down within a few weeks. They have been like this for over a week now and I am getting concerned. I've never owned chickens before so any suggestions would be most helpful.
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Sorry a few days not weeks. All she does is sleep all day too.
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Hmmm...I have a black australorp who has bilateral huge pendulous breasts. Her behavior hasn't changed although she makes odd swallowing type movements in her neck from time to time. Areas are both becoming firmer and her one of her neck bones seems out of place. She also smells of ketones. Initially seemed fluid filled but not sure-she is missing feathers in a large circular pattern on the right side. Anything I can do?
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