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Originally Posted by ejsouthy View Post

This is a slightly clearer picture, it's hard to get one.
This looks pretty roo ish to me.
Originally Posted by evitachu View Post

My Elvis got pooped by another Polish while he/she was I gave him a nice spa treatment on Sunday!
I'm not sure if Elvis is a girl or a boy...I'm leaning toward girl since she has female vocalization and no wattle.

Based on the feathering look o saw hen. She looks alot like mine. wink.png
Working on my Ayam Cemani breeders!!!!
Working on my Ayam Cemani breeders!!!!
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In the first photo, the hair was messy because it was pooped on... 😂 But at the moment, there are bald patches due to molting. But new spikes are sprouting nicely. Elvis is 15 weeks, so are the other 3. One turned put to be a cokerel and started crowing at 12 weeks and now has big wattles. He is the one being separated due to pecking injury, and his head is healing nicely, new spikes are sprouting too.
This is the picture of Julio, the cockerel.

So yeah, I am crossing my fingers that Elvis is a girl....Elvis is the sweetest!
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Originally Posted by Yorkshire coop View Post

Those are really cool pics of Elvis taking a bath thumbsup.gif

How old is Elvis now?
Elvis is 15 weeks. Despite the fluffy feather, Elvis is actually super light, compared to Julio!
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At 15 weeks I would say too that Elvis is a pullet,especially being lighter in weight highfive.gif
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My Julio is so funny. Since I am separating him at the moment due to his injury and healing, I take him to my office and put him in a large doggie cage. At first I jokingly crowed at him and ran to him when he crowed at me, and I filled his food pan or water pan (i got kitty pans). Now, when his pan is empty, he crows continuously. He would stop crowing when I crow back at him, meaning "I am coming to fill your food/water pan!". Seriously funny!!!! My employees said I am weird..."my boss crows at her chicken!" 😂😂😂😂
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Me again :) The lady that gave me Wiggy the Polish Cockerel (as a little girl), has asked me if I could have this little beauty, i'm not convinced though that she IS a she, what do you guys think ?

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How old?

Looks suspiciously male to me hmm.png
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About 5 months I think, oh lord above, they were both sold to her as girls, thank you again.:thumbsup


The day after I posted the picture of my beautiful ducks something came and took Jem my white runner duck :hitdevastated isn't the word, we just found 4 or 5 piles of feathers and a few tiny bones.

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I think she has been had on the male/female front.

I'm sorry about Jem hugs.gif Losing them is just awful I know how you feel. I had a fox attack and it was devastating. From what you have described that sounds like what could have happened to Jem. Do you have foxes in your area? Right now we have many that are out in daylight, they have no bounds.
Watch out as it may return as it knows food is available.

We have lots round us, here is one my other half shot ~

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Oh wow :yiipchick to be honest before this happened I used to say "oh no, i'd never kill a fox" but all I see now is rage, it must die lol !!


We live next to a farm, and the farmer has told us that he's never had problems with foxes in all the years that he's been there. We did though at xmas last year leave a bag of rubbish next to the bin outside and the next day it had been ripped up, when I looked on the CCTV it was a dog :idunnoat 3:30am which I thought was strange, so whether there is a stray that lives in the woods near the house, i've no idea.


I was questioning whether it was a fox as it ate her only a few feet away from the pond, where she would have been, and there were loads of paw prints on the waters edge. Ducky my Cayuga suffered a neck injury, it looks as though it's grabbed her, shes coming round a bit now though, the vet gave her pain killers, anti inflammatory and antibiotics, bless her she looked so sad and shaken up, can't imagine what she saw. I think Jem will have tried to protect her as she was the dominant one and used to chase everything:love

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