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For where I got mine processed, I found a Butcher in Troutville, PA (Between DuBois and Punxatauney, PA on Rt 410) who does a great job.  It would be a LONG drive for you to get them processed. And then pay $2.50 a bird plus $0.50 a pound over 7 pounds.  All but 3 of mine were over 7 pounds!!!

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O.K. first things first, I grew up in Sewickley, PA so that caught me off guard. Graduated from QV in 1989.  Now that I have that out of the way (I didn't think anyone around there still had birds).  Mine Cornish X went through about 300 punds of feed.

Hi Muddler6 (do you wish to reveal your first name?)--

We have been in Sewickley for about 4 years and are actually located in Aleppo just off Glen Mitchell Road.  We enjoy the area very much and our kids are in Osborne elementary school.

We raised 7 ducks last year that we keep for eggs.  The township told me I could have any animal I wanted as long as the neighbors don't complain!  It has been a great experience.  We have 2 1/2 acres so I wanted to try the meat birds this spring.

So based on your feed consumption I could expect to go through 500 pounds of feed.  I'd rather plan for the worst case and not run out of feed in the end.  I do have 2 leads on processors near me and hope to pin them down by the end of the month.

From which hatchery did you get your chicks?  I am nowthinking to mix up my order and try a dozen cornish x and a dozen of a different type slower growing broiler.  We'll see.  I have a lot to do in 6 weeks to get ready!

If youare ever in Sewickley please stop by.

Thanks for the reply.


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I'll sent you a PM.  I also went to Osborne Elem. when I was a kid. Wow, a trip down memory lane. I got my cornish x from a local feed store, last year they were $1.00 each, no shipping or anything else. I'll never go back to store bought chicken.  I do have plans for some dual purpose birds, use the roosters I hatch for meat and either give away, or trade the hens if I get too many. But that is for next year.
Check your inbox for a PM.

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