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Mountain Quail Hatching!

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One has hatched and several pips.  I have read some info on the web and heard they are harder to get started on feed.  Any tips?

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I currently have over 200 Mountain Quail chicks that will be available for sale in the fall. I have been lucky enough to have many of my Mountains hatch together so it seems as though they teach each other how to eat. On small hatches, I have had occasional success simply pecking my index finger on the feed like a beak and have had the chicks watch and start mimicking the motion next to me. If all else fails, placing some button or coturnix in with them can help get the Mountains started feeding. Hope this helps.

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Good luck with them little buggers. I got out of them cause I couldn't keep them alive. They are very fragile little things.

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My problem in the past has not been keeping the chicks alive. The problem has been getting my breeders to be consistent in laying fertile eggs and sometimes just laying at all. This has been a good year. If I get them past the first couple of weeks, I usualy get them to a normal adult life.

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lol.... I didn't exceed past 4 days.... I felt horrible. So I just stopped trying to raise them.  I tried everything people said to do.

Good Luck

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Still only one has hatched (day 25).  Seems to be pecking at the food so that is good.  I threw a couple small meal worms in the food and that seemed to get him more interested in eating.

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Good Luck with the rest hatching and your new baby.  I hope you have better luck than I did. fl

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I have six now.  So far so good.  Wish me luck.  Looks like four eggs have pipped.

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You said you were going to have mountain quail for sale this fall. DO you ship? If so what will you be asking for them and can I prepay for a couple of pairs?
Thank You For Your Consideration.
Cindy J. My email is
My phone number is 315-347-2006
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If you ever have eggs for sale I'd love some. Let me know smile.png
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