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Help me change the law in West Hartford CT - Page 5

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Id love to have a small coop in my backyard and want to get behind this movement - is there anything we can say or do at the hearing to help pass or modify the ordinance?

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Any news?

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Is there still a hearing tomorrow? July 15?

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Yes I want to know too.

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Is the hearing still on? I haven't heard or seen anything.

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:yiipchick Hoping the hearing went well... :cd

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What happened? I can't find any news.

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Hello Abby, 


I was wondering if you have any news about this. I recently purchased 3 beautiful bantams and live in West Hartford. I was told to remove them of the property but did not find any regulations about live stock. Please let me know how did you do with the hearing as I would like to keep them and also help change the law/rules.

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I noticed a change on the city page lately -- it now lists chickens as forbidden!! Before-it didn't list them at all. I know, I checked a lot a few years ago.

I have heard that people with chickens before that went up might be grandfathered in. I hope that's true. And I sure hope that they get around to changing the law. Honestly three little bantams? that's absurd. You can say they're freaking pets like parrots or something.

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Hi. I'm sorry I haven't updated you all with the situation, and I'm not sure I can be of help. Our hearing never happened because the town told me our chickens had amnesty until further notice. Apparently, this applies to current chicken owners as of June 2015. I was that they were working on an ordinance and to expect more news in about six months or so (meaning January, I suppose). I don't know any more than that: a temporary stay of execution or something more permanent? I don't know. It is very yucky--Hartford, Glastonbury, Bloomfield--all the neighboring towns allow for chickens. 

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