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Help me change the law in West Hartford CT - Page 6

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So should we write letters, emails, etc. to help the cause? I would LOVE to have a small flock. So glad you can keep them for now. It would just be cruel to make you get rid of them at this point. Thx for the update!
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Hello everyone,

I am believe we should get together and discuss some type of strategy. I have done some research on the issues and got some ideas on how to make them change the law.  I am thinking that if we go to town hall to the council meetings even if it is a small group of us, they can not ignore us. If any of you like this idea, please answer to this post and we will figure out how and where to meet and discuss. 

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I'm honestly not entirely sure they are ignoring us as it is. The zoning official told me in June that they were working on an ordinance that would take time to craft and to be patient. I am happy to get together to brainstorm a strategy, but I am wary of going in guns a' blazin' when they might already be working towards a solution. I can give the zoning officer I spoke with a call to see where they are in the process..I'll try to do that asap. 

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Just wondering if you heard any news from the zoning board? Thank you!
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He didn't get back to me! Maybe now that elections are over...I will try again.
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Thanks, that would be great. Keeping my fingers crossed!
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So sorry to ask again, but you haven't heard back from the zoning board? Should I just try and call too? Dying to know their answer. Thanks so much!
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Hello Everyone,


I am very upset with the way things are being handled at town hall on this matter. The zoning guy keeps going around giving people fines instead of actually working of figuring things out and coming up with a solution. Another thing that bothers me is that no one knows where those meetings are being held and when. I would like to be present to a meeting and give them my 2 cents. Maybe we should get together, all of us interested in having a small flock and actually walk in there and make ourselves heard. At this point is just getting ridiculous that they cannot come up with something. There are neighboring town that people are allowed to keep chickens maybe they should ask them and copy their model. end rant for now

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Silly question, but how much are the fines? I'd be willing to help anyway I can. Thx!!!
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The fines are $43 per day for the 1st 5 days and $103 per day after that. Those fines are given if you keep chickens illegally. I am going to town hall tomorrow (03/28/16) to find out what is going on and what is the decision they came up with. Will let you know after. 

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