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I am sorry, what i meant was would you consider selling some hatching eggs?
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I have no experience in shipping hatching eggs, sorry.

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I have two black minorcas ans 2 buff minorcas , they are 3 months all , i just love them. .
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This thread is moving real slow so here's some pictures of this years show hen. Hopefully I can get her comb to flop some more before the show

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Nice pictures! I need to get out and take pictures of my whites. I just went through and culled a few due to the end of the season. I am keeping 2 roosters and 18 hens over the winter.


I only have 3 black hens at this point. I culled my beautiful black rooster as he sired all male offspring this past year. Now I have to decide if I want to continue with the blacks or just focus on the whites (I also have Red Caps).


I have a pen of chicks from October that are White X Black, so may see what that avenue leads to. They are all white, some have a few black flecks.

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Awesome I would love to see some white minorcas. The black x white cross seems like a good idea to improve size in the whites.
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Actually, my whites are fairly good sized. I have culled over the past couple of years to eliminate the lighter birds and also only set eggs that are extra large (for incubation). My Black Minorca are from McMurray, so not overly large. I had a group (Black Minorca) from Sand Hill that were large, but they would lay tinted eggs and I kept getting chicks with a 5th toe.

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That's good. Good whites are hard to come by. And I've never seen a Minorca with five toes. I've seen a few with multiple Spurs though
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