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Good to know thanks for posting,

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Two things I have noticed...after using the first one for a week, the little water thing does tend to get dirty just from dirt blowing in, not chicken every other day I just take the hose and spritz the little bowl to get the dirt out, or...if you are stronger, you could just tip it a little and brush the dirt out...

also...make sure you put the cap on tight...otherwise it does not make a vacumn and it WILL leak...

but if you follow the instructions...they really help on these hot summer days

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ordered two. They should be here by tomorrow. Can't take any chance in this Oklahoma heat!! Thanks for the info . :)

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I may order one of these next month, we just bought 5 of the Little Giant 5 gallon waterers and I love those, we just set them on a concret block in the yards.  But I want a few more of the big ones.  So these might be a good alt. to the Little Giant and the price is right on them as well.

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I now have four now...I have noticed one thing...the ones in the full sun do get algae inside if you don't add oxine or a little chlorox.  I have a well that pumps into a cistern, so I started adding oxine and no more algae...Also, for some reason the younger birds prefer to drink from the mason jar drinkers...I am thinking it is because the smaller drinkers need refilled several times a day so the water is cooler...the opening on these big waterers is too small to freeze a pop bottle and put inside....I am thinking of putting crushed ice or ice cubes in there on the hotter days...I have a big enough freezer with enough room that I am going to experiment also with filling the water reservoir 1/4 of the way, freezing it, then topping it off in the morning when I put it out for the should help keep the water cool for most of the day...I will advise here how that works for me

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Thanks for the review.!

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