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I have 4 chickens that I have raised from babies, one is a light brahama and they are all 5 months old now.  Waiting for eggs to start.  But me too this morning I discovered that my light brahama is a rooster.  His first cockadoodle this morning sounded like  a sick cough.  I didn't want a rooster but I have had him since a baby and am hoping he will not be an aggressive rooster.  He was histerical last night trying to get up on the table I put in there to put my nesting boxes and he is so big he couldn't make it.  Now each night he does figure it out because he is there later in the evening when I go out but I was laughing so hard last night I went in the pen and lifted him up on the roost and told him not to expect that every night.


I am going to have to make my pen bigger as I cannot let them free range, bob cats, mountain lions, coyotes, etc.  I enjoy the heck out of them, so do you all think I should try to keep him.  He definitely has personality.

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I live in Connecticut and am looking for a Light Brahma Rooster so if your in my area and want to get rid of him I would gladly take him off your hands. Im haveing a hard time finding one. 

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He is actually enormous and sorry you live in Conneticut as I am in ARizona an he has demolished one of my hens she has no feathers on her back anymore the other one is still beautiful think she knows how to get away from him.  He is probably close to 11 pounds.  Getting a little upity some days but I think only if he thinks I'm doing something to his girls.  Wish you lived closer.  My boy is really quite beautiful!  I'll get a new pic so you can see him.

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Yeah , Arizona is a bit far LOL. I put an ad on craigslist for a LB Rooster and some guy not far from me responded. He has one that is 1 year old. Im a little concerned that its a year old, maybe he wont grow accustomed to me since I didnt raise him. I guess what Im worried about is he will challenge me and I dont care to be atacked by a rooster. I know the LB are suppose to be a docile breed but I guess I should just go look at him and see what hes like. He is pretty big , the guy sent me a picture of him. Thats a tall rooster! How many hens do you have? I have 11 hens. I hope thats enough to tire him out. thumbsup.gif  Dee

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I only have 2 hens and am amazed they aren't dead!! One hen has no feathers on her back and she is really the mean one.  One is absolutely gorgeous and seems to keep away from him.  Strange.  All of a sudden they quit laying eggs the last 2 days or snakes are eating them on me.  Not sure. 


He doesn't normally go after anyone even new people as long as you leave his hens alone.

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You'll be great with 11 hens.  I need to have help to build a bigger coop so I can get more.  I only had 4 hens at the beginning hawks got 2 of them.  I can't let mine run free unless I am there because of hawks, coyotes, bobcats and mountain lions.  Never saw the mountain lion but did see tracks in my yard one day.

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Thats scary. Mountain lions in your yard! Id never go out in the yard without my shotgun LOL We have hawks that circle our yard but my hens always run for cover under the shrubs or stairs. I havent lost one to predators yet in 2 years but my dog killed a half dozen hens by the time I trained him to stay away from them. Mine free range in our fenced in backyard, I had to sell off my lighter hens as they fly over the fence too easily. The Brahmas are too heavy to get over the 4 foot fence so I like this breed for that main reason. Plus their friendly curious nature is sweet. 

   I didnt go this weekend to get the rooster. Im gonna give it more thought. I dont want to piss my neighbor off with the crowing so Im going to think good and hard how I will lock him up at night so I can let him out later in the morning . If its more trouble than its worth I may pass on him. I just had two litters of bunnies born this month and that was an unexpected accident so I will deal with them for now. Thanks for letting me know about your rooster. I really hope I can get him. Dee

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I have a light Brahma rooster in the pen with my white leghorns hens. he is so sweet. the only time he gets aggressive is if you try and catch one of his women.
his name is rooter (gramps named him lol) and he comes when you call him. when we split wood we collect the grubs and feed them to him by hand.
He is so much calmer than our RIR rooster
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Hi! We had the same surprise and I honestly laughed my head off when I head it. We've been calling her/him "Big Girl" his entire life. I live near Norwich, Connecticut and can't keep him. Our town does not allow roosters. Any thoughts about finding him a new home?
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