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Fellow Xstitcher here!


Been doing it for...uh...10+ years now (whew, had to think about that one hah!) I like to do the real big, overly detailed charts (bigger the better). I know they can be a pain (especially if you mess up...which I've 1 square!) BUT when you finish and get them hung up...they look AMAZING! :yaAnd you have bragging rights about how you did it yourself lol. I made a really nice hunting chart with 3 Labs (white, chocolate and black) with flying pheasants in the background as a wedding anniversary present to my grandparents! They loved it and it was pretty big! I'm sure I took a picture of it (finished) before I gave it to them, but I'd have to look around for it lol. Worst case scenario, I can post a pic (later on) of the chart and what it looks like.


I am currently working on one with several Big Cats, but messed up...again, by 1 square :th! As soon as I get it back on track I'll take a progress picture. Again, it's going to be big. So the first challenge is finishing it....the second, finding a frame! LOL


Pics will be coming soon. But it's late at the moment so... :frow



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Stitcher here too! I am opposite direction bough...small cute charts are for me at this Raising a Autistic son who keeps me busy-
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