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That is my Tolbunt Polish Frizzle Roo, those are 'true' tolbunt colors. sorry this pic was at night.

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Originally Posted by WhittHavenFarm View Post

looks like some other kind of polish lots of black

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I am trying to find some Golden Laced split to Tolbunt Frizzles for my breeding program. If anyone has any, or knows someone who does please let me know!!!
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My 3 Tolbunt Polish Chicks.

These Are True Tolbunt

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Here's a couple of my tolbunts.

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These guys are so fun

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Come on guys don't let this Thread die out. Post a lot of pics of this wonderful breed we have! Tolbunt Polish Are Awesome!
So let's post a lot more
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One Of My Tolbunt Polish Chicks, About 1.5 Week Old

Hopefully Next Years Breeders!

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So cute!
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