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can anyone tell me how the Bearded polish came about? I googled it but could not find an answer. thanks
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Question for those who breed or have raised multiple chicks - do their crests and breast areas get the rust colored feathers as young chicks normally? I have no experience with Tolbunts previous to this and both my chicks only have black/white feathering in top. I looked for more info online, but there isn't much to address my specific question. Thanks in advance! 😎
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The tolbunt pattern should have 50% red, 25% black and 25% white. There should be lacing and mottling. I think you should only have solid white feathers in the wing primary feathers.


They have been an approved color in Germany and they are working out the standard here in America still. 

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There is an excellent book written by Joseph Batty called 'The Polish Breed of Poultry'.

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anyone wanna join my hen contest??

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