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Looks like dark feet on the pullets.
It's we have been getting torrential rains here Every week. If it doesn't rain ANYWHERE else in the United States,It rains on my property!!
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Their legs and feet are yellow
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Unfortunately my dark cornish all have willow coloured feet. I'd like the yellow legs and pearl eyes in my flock- is it true that the hatchery cornish do have pearl eyes?

It would be very interesting to compare the production of hatchery cornish to the exhibition- I don't think I've seen any photos of dressed pure cornish, hatchery or exhibition.  Must be too valuable to eat ;) I have heard that the hatchery cornish are pretty good egg layers.

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Mine do Not have the pearl eyes. (Macmurray)
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Egg layers....hmmmm must be the leghorn in them.probably where the white wing feathers came from.
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My broilers have the pale eyes
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JRN do you know for sure if there's leghorn in the hatchery dark  cornish?  I think the ones in Canada come from Ideal. If so, I'll order some for a little project breeding I have in  mind.

Has anyone crossed dark with white cornish? I was wondering if that might invigorate a line without destroying the Cornish characteristics. I'd expect some white feathers popping up from that cross but it wouldn't be as bad as crossing with another breed.

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I suspect just about all white Cornish are pretty much dark Cornish with the addition of two copies of recessive white.

"It just goes to show you, you don't have to be crazy to raise  Cornish,...................... but it helps."      Lewis Strait
"It just goes to show you, you don't have to be crazy to raise  Cornish,...................... but it helps."      Lewis Strait
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Are these the right kind of eyes?

NPIP Certified Oriental Games and Asil
NPIP Certified Oriental Games and Asil
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I have 4 Cornish cross, about 9 weeks old. I know I should just butcher them, and I might yet, but was going to try to keep them for layers. I have about 4 acre property I let my hens free range. I just started turning the Cornish cross out. They will not move very far from the coop, I know they cannot be finding enough food in the little area they are hunting. I have to actually close the coop door or they would spend the entire day laying in the barn. I do not give them any feed until evening, trying to make them range.
They are young, will they get bolder as they get more accustomed to their environment? Or have they just been bred to be lazy?
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