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Yes at 3 weeks my pullets and cockerels were neck and neck. Both the best doing cockerels died with in days of each other at maturity. All my stock has come from my two pullets. I culled one as she just kept getting larger and laying few good eggs - loads of double yolks and wavy eggs.






I believe Lavenia and Bob are from her. I think it is easier to keep the pullets.Limit feed them from 4 weeks on up to 16 weeks. Then feed normally - not full feed. They should start laying 19 to 23 weeks. My stock always weighed more than this chart. They were not breeder stock, they are the end product of the female line and the male line. I did not do the skip a day, I just could not; so I fed every day. Yes they were hungry. I gave them things to do, stuff to peck at to keep busy. It was winter so they were in the barn. When spring came I moved them to a large pen so they could get exercise and most importantly light to start the egg laying process.


Best of luck. I love they way my chicks turned out. 

Thanks lpatelski. Your cross chicks are lovely, my hatchery cornish would  look like leghorns next to them. But it's OK, I'm not as serious about the Cornish as I am the Buckeyes, I just like the breed and like to have them around. And they are still meatier than the other chickens I have!  :-)

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Good looking birds Lpatelski, Im heading that way but my project is just beginning, Ill post some pictures of them later.
And. Yes it was time to clean their cages!
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Black ones are Langshans, these are the cornish cross × barred rock rooster to obtain the hens
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Black ones are Langshans, these are the cornish cross × barred rock rooster to obtain the hens
I'm very curious to see how these birds mature.Ive been wondering how a langshan would influence the cross.
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Beautiful chicks
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Thanks JRNash, those are pure langshans for now. I too want to see how they come out. That white is very dominant
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The whites are beautiful birds.
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Your cornish x barred rock will make some very nice birds. Ive got some coming up now
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These are Cornish Rock x Barred Rocks at 5 weeks
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Ive had 6 die after pipping. They knock a hole then nada.
Don't know if its the incubator or the shells which seem to be very hard
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