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I'm looking to buy meat / broiler chicks.
Anyone know where in the area I can find them?
I will be pasture -raising them
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As we are all in this same 'little' area....
can anyone help me out with getting wood shavings? Or chips?
I need quite a bit (for my large brooder) so going to the pet store is not an option (cost and quality)
thanks in advance
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Welcome to SOMD make sure to check out Stauffer Feed Mill in Loveville.
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Hi all, Hollywood hear. You could go to TS they have pine shaving there. Also looking to see if anyone down here has any blue egg layers like aruacanas.
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Anyone selling ducks in southern maryland?
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Originally Posted by chrissybop View Post

Hello everyone! I'm from So.Md too! Mechanicsville to be exact. My 1st ever chicks will be shipped here around the 12th and my kids and I can't wait!

I am also in Mexhanicsville! How did it go with your chicks? I have 7 coming in March and am very exciting. Looking for resources or other ppl in St. Mary's. Right now I have a used Coop my husband bought last week and two 18mo. SLW roos that came with it.
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  I'm down the road in Dentsville.  My 4 girls (first ever) will be 2 years old this spring. It's been a very cool learning experience.  They are happy and healthy and lay wonderful eggs. They were not thrilled with the snow we got a couple weeks ago - chickens really don't like snow!



Take Care,


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I'm in Charles County- not too far :)

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Awesome! Glad to know there are others around. I'm trying to figure out what's going on with my roos' combs. I'm going to post on a health group I guess. Black scab like spots and sometimes little beads of blood. I thought maybe picking from the other roo but there is also head shaking in both of them a little.
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Mites maybe? I just had that issue mine did not get leg ones thankfully but I had to address them in the coop and knock on wood I think I got them under control or haven't seen any at least. But the scabs can come from that too... I think posting it in a forum is the best option. It's amazing how many people are out there and willing to help. I'm setting my first hatch on Sunday and got all my questions answered and after researching for over a month and speaking to them I'm confident I can hatch me some chicks :D

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