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Everyone wants to jump to the same disease or respiratory infection with doing homework.
Sometimes they can be right. But if I didn't do my homework and research she probably would be blind completely seeing as how worms can spread.
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Was looking up this thread for a chick that wasn't opening her eye.

there wasn't anything crusty she just wouldn't open it. used warm water and Q-tip to moisten it.

it popped open. had to do this for three mornings. the last morning it was just her right eye that was closed.

took her back to the feed store to show them and they noticed several that hadn't opened there eyes(mid day all running around)

kept the chick she was already family. found a post that said hatchery delivered chicks had low blood sugar. they recommended a drop of sugar or honey in the water.

So for a couple days put sugar in the water now all the chicks are up and moving eyes wide open.  "Left eye" is doing fine, and yes I have since stopped the sugar.


kids are hard enough to deal with on sugar.


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Hi guys i'm quite confused, i have a few broiler hens that i rescued about 1-2 months ago. They were not gaining weight and were going to be killed. I decided to look after them and care for them. They are not that old, they are fantastic little things running around my garden pecking at whatever they can. There are 6 of them and a few days ago i noticed that one of my broilers eyes was closed. There is no sign of an infection and the chick does not seem to be ill she is happy running around my garden and pecking around with the rest of the chicks. I have been hearing that broilers wont live very long but i have them on a controlled diet to help them live longer and gain less weight. I just want to know what is wrong with one of the chick its eye is always closed.   

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. Can anyone help me figure out what this is? A few months ago she had the same exact thing ... eye shut and I was able to get that white firm material out of her eye. Flushed with silver and now It came back again. It's been 4 Days and eye seemed agitated she has it shut again after I cleaned it out. No other symptoms other than just today I noticed watery stools. She's eating drinking and engaging with other hens. She's not laying it seems. Any thoughts from my expert friends?
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Had a question about one of my girls. I noticed 3 little white spot's on her eye which she sometimes closes. I took a photo but right by her upper right corner of the eye are one of the spots. Doesn't seem to be these other diseases everyone gunk, no bubbling, no deformity of her eye. Any ideas or resolutions? THanks!
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One of my newly hatched chicks has the same sort of illness, But I can't take him away from his mother.

I'm really worried and not sure what to do ;(

Can someone help me?

My family doesn't want to buy medicine and I'm not sure what to do about this, my chick is about 2 weeks old. and has only recently had one of his eyes closed. He has also not been as active as the other chicks.

I am really worried. Is there anything I can give him besides medicine 

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