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i just hatched the same. i was wondering how well your sexing technique worked out? 

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I just hatched out 6 chicks from eggs I purchased and the gal said they came from a white leg horn rooster, and barred rock hens. The chicks are all yellow and have black dots or spots on them. I'm curious as to 1. Will they have white eggs, 2. Will they be white with black barring and what color do you predict they will feather out to be? I'm hoping for real good egg layers, and actually hoping for some white egg layers.
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Mine are the opposite barred rock roo white leghorn hen.  They are three weeks old now and they are mostly white with a barred feather here and there. look at your chicks ears if they are white you get white eggs if they are red you get brown eggs

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You can tell the color of eggs already? I can not tell, everything on my chicks are yellow lol. There are holes beside there heads, nothing red there all the same color. Yellow
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Does the barred rock x white leghorn let white or brown eggs and does it produce just as many eggs as a leghorn?
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Until I got hit by a bad disease by taken home sick birds from a show without quarenteening them first, I had two nice flocks of large fowl barred leghorns, along with my bantam barred leghorns.  I am now left with one very nice hen (5 years old but still laying some) and one of her sons (x brown leghorn cockbird), and I may try to resurrect them.  I tried both the barred rock x white leghorn and the barred rock x black leghorn routes, always using a rangy barred rock with excellent barring and a good size comb blade. The birds were excellent layers and laid better than the white and black leghorn (exhibition strain) hens.  Their eggs are white.  I eventually ended up with birds that were 7/8 leghorn, and very good type. The major challenge is to keep the barring fairly decent (especially the males) along with an acceptable width of feather.  The best barring comes in the chicks that are very slow to feather out but, alas, they also tend to have the very narrow feather.  I have seen pictures from shows in Germany and the Netherlands of this variety, and some of them would knock your socks off. They are absolutely gorgeous.  I wish I could afford to import some from there.

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Originally Posted by free burd View Post

has anyone done this???

does anyone have pics of this cross??



this cross has been done to perfection.

it's called the california grey by professor Dryden in the early 1900's

with barred rock and white leghorns and then the finished product

is now used over white leghorns again to produce the black specked

white california white.


robert braun

I know this is sleeping thread but:


This makes a California Grey.  Available at both Strombergs and Privett


Also check this thread:


and this profile


and this breed profile:

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i just crossed white leghorn hennie X barred rock rooster. isn't the white leghorn Double Recessive White, and not Dominant White? 

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