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Check out the "Backyard chicken" for some info on Brabanters.

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I have a breeding flock of Brabanter Chickens in Moscow Idaho!

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I was lucky enough to get some of these birds at the local feed store as sexed pullets. They are beautiful and so cute with the mohoaks and beards. Very inquisitive at only two weeks old. I have one bird that does not have a prominent mohawk like the others. When I look closely at it's comb ridge I can clearly see two small bumps on either side. I'm lead to believe that the males get a very prominent V comb but the females do not. Is that true could I have lucked out and got a roo too?


I've already been searching a bit for better stock as I'm guessing these came right from Ideal. 

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I was able to take a few pics and the possible roo was looking right at the camera, so you can't see the bumps but it does show the more prominent comb ridge, of the four I got the other three look fairly uniform and (s)he is the odd one out.


The rest. They were mixed cream and gold so this one might just be a cream and these three golds.

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I was able to get some better pictures of the little horns. Do the females have prominent V cobs like this they are just two weeks old.





These birds are almost as interested in me as I am with them. they sit there and watch me when I'm in the room. They have some crazy nostrils too 

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Pictures?  They are so hard to find.

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LOVE my Cream Brabanters! If anyone hears that TSC or Agri-supply in the  NC triangle,  has any chicks, please send  a shout!

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I have a beautiful Gold Brabanter girl named River

I love to smile! Smiling is my favorite! :D
I love to smile! Smiling is my favorite! :D
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Hope there are more Brabanter keepers around here!

I have 3 one week old chicks at the moment.

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We live in Ramona, CA and after searching for 3 years my daughter found these 6 guys at a feed store, in Escondido, CA, a half hour from us. Three of them have wonderful mohawks, one not such a good one and two without mohawks, but one of those has a huge muff. And, one of them is a Roo. We couldn't be more pleased. These guys seem to be a cut above most of our other chickens, in intelligence, and they are so peckish. We have started allowing them a few hours a day of free foraging on part of our property which has brought that pecking under control. They are 14 weeks old now and Abraham, theroo, started crowing a couple of weeks ago.





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