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Poultry Auction Chehalis Washington

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There is a Poultry Auction  on Saturdays in Chehalis Washington on Coal Creek Rd. Commission is only 15%. Real nice barn and setup. The barn is to be heated to keep both sellers buyers and bird warm durring the cold winter months. swing by and check it out if you like. Freindly faces and hot coffie. chat up with fellow bird lovers.D:weee

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Hello ,I'm just starting my new hen home.My husband got me a wonderful new hen house for Christmas.I grew up around chickens ,but it's been awhile,I want about 6-8 hens ,What are the least agressive,We have kids,and the best layers. Thanks.DM

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I really like the Brahma variety I have Light Brahmas and I love them. They are not aggressive, they are a very hearty and pretty bird!

They lay extra large brown eggs!  

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The auction is a fun family outing even if you're not interested in selling or buying anything.  The animals as well as the people are fun to watch!

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Most hens, especially those you have raised from chicks, are calm and may even seem friendly....getting underfoot as you work in the coop or the yard.  In my experience, brown egg layers tend to be a bit calmer than white egg layers  but there are exceptions especially chicks which are gently and frequently handled from day one.  I have never had any hens which are aggressive.  Roosters on the other hand can be aggressive and protective of their girls and you may want to avoid having them.  The hens will lay just fine without a rooster on hand.

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Hi there! Are they still having the poultry auctions in Chehalis Washington on Saturdays? Is there an entrance fee and what can I hope to find or buy there in addition to poultry? Do they sell or auction other things? Has anybody gone recently?
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They still have auctions every saturday and there is no cover price.  Be VERY carefull if you are planning to sell anything.  I have sold three groups of chickens and have NEVER recieved by check(post auction fee)  the correct ammount.  They have refused to return calls(even when promising to do so) or letters written.  The last time the auctioneer even passed over my birds completely and said they had already been sold when I asked him!  He did not tell me when or for how much they had been sold for. I was doubly concerned as I had already been burned on a previous sale!!!!  I recieved a check for  the equivalent sale price of $6.00 each on a day when most birds of equal age and type sold for the mid to high teens per bird!


Be VERY CAREFULL there!!!!!

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dwmills: I'm sorry you got burned like that! That kind of feeling really stays with you! We are going to try to find some started pullets locally, but if we can't find some at a reasonable price I'll head over to the auction. Usually auctions charge a 15% fee but... I appreciate the input either way. My fear was having to pay too much for a started hen or pullet and getting ripped off that way, or getting one that isn't what it was advertised/proclaimed to be, or one that is toward the end of its laying and is actually ready for the pot (as if any hen is going to volunteer for that...).  We'll see how kismet plays out. Oh, and thanks for the warning, we appreciate that!


Ellen S.

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Do they auction off peacocks there and if so how often do they have them to auction

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Just letting you know that I personally don't know about peafowl at that auction since I went to Del's to get my chicks. I was considering getting started pullets so I was asking about that option. I wish you luck. I suggest you check the livestock conservancy; their link is:
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