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I went to Tractor Supply in Derby,Vermont and they had white Silkies and I bought some of them- good chickens- si I guess it is where you live?!

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My tractor supply ropes off the chicks with fencing. (guess that would be fences off smile.png) anyhow NO little kids or even adults can touch them. good policy I think. Buyers can't even touch them ONLY employees. They are soooo adorable in their metal feed troughs. that's where our store keeps them. in the cattle troughs. The store is RIGHT down the street from my house. I love ♡♡♡♡ going to see the chicks. Anyone looking for silkies Roundup feed store carries them every year!! Straight run only.
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I am not getting store chicks this year....i ordered online! My ducklings should be here in the next couple days YAY!!! Chicks in march. I ordered from Metzer, and my pet chicken...ill let you guys know how it goes lol

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2 different people on completely different days told me the chicks would be in today, when I called this morning to see if they arrived yet the guy said his boss told him just then not until next week, so disappointed, I've been anxiously waiting😊.
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Noticed that the Tractor Supply by me in Taunton is all set for them  ..The quiet before the storm! :lol:

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Howdy!   Today is already a better day then Monday was.;So  far No  Snow and what is here is melting!  Also We are 1 day closer to Spring... 32 more days !:celebrateMy local  Tractor Supply told Me The Chicks will be There the last week of Feb.  I Guess since that is where I buy My feed They think  I'll buy some Chicks .  Not going to happen this Year. We ( Me and the Grandkids ) have 50 Pet Chickens of all Color and Breed.   They keep asking  "If They can get 1 each . We are talking about 15 .I told Them They each had to get rid of 1  each first.  They are NOT Happy.  As for People touching the Chicks at My Store (Pikeville) the Chick are in Water Bins and behind farm gates to keep the Chicks from getting hurt. Also last year You had to buy no less then 6. Everyone that buys those little cuties Please post what You got.   :thumbsup  By the way when I said Pet Chickens ,I mean They all have names some will sit on  You.. But no Way are They Toys and  We don't Eat none of Them.

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Chickens You Can't  have just ONE.....
Chickens You Can't  have just ONE.....
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my sister works at tractor in Kingston NY last year I got khaki Campbell and one silkie that had a foot problem I lost the ducks to coyotes' :( but Elvis the silke is doing great with two bent toes he is best friends with a pig :)


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How do you tell if it's a silkie so young? Hoping for some😊
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black skin 5 toes feathered feet   most tractor supply's get white 

(my best on describing without a pic :D)

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Very helpful still, thank you!
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