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Poll Results: Have you ordered from Ideal Poultry this year (2011)?

  • 31% (182)
    I ordered and already got my birds.
  • 20% (115)
    I ordered and I am awaiting my order!
  • 15% (88)
    I wanted to order but they are sold out of what I want.
  • 28% (162)
    No. (This option is for Illia ;-)
574 Total Votes  
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Thanks, stefzbiz.  I just called them and they said it sounds like they added extra pullets.  Said if were males for warmth, they would have looked like completely different chicks (color wise) than the ones I ordered.  I tossed my packaging slip for some silly reason so I had nothing to refer to.  Looks like I lucked out with extra pullets!

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Has anyone ordered Ideal's crested special? What did you get? Thanks!
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Originally Posted by love2lope21 View Post

Has anyone ordered Ideal's crested special? What did you get? Thanks!

I ordered about two years ago. Very disappointed.

This was a second chance for Ideal. I got bad birds twice from them.

In my Crested assortment I got about half Sultans and the other half was Polish but the majority were buff laced. Only one blue and one black in the bunch. Out of the 25 I ultimately got after they all died mysteriously of unknown causes. I raised one Sultan pullet.

I have raised many many chicks and was quite successful but with the two shipments from Ideal I lost everything but the one pullet.
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Thanks draye. That's what I was afraid of. I've gotten all my previous polish from the feed store, but this sounded tempting. Anyone else?
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I will never order anything from Ideal again. I ordered the surprise special and paid more for sexed pullets. I ordered 40 pullets, and I also ordered 10 welsummers. They sent exactly 50  birds and 6 were dead on arrival. They sent another 6. That's not my issue. My issue is that I paid for pullets and there is no way these birds were sexed. I ended up with  a little over 30 boys and my welsummers are actually brown leghorns, I can tell this by the ear lobes. No joke. The whole reason I ordered pullets was for my existing roos. They needed more hens. 


So, I had to process a lot more birds including all but one of the boys I had because the hens I already had were too stressed and wouldn't lay because they were over mated. 


I don't have a problem with roosters, obviously I love them enough to order 10 hens for them each and this was after I parted with all that I could, but felt too attached to the ones that stayed. BUT there is no way I was going to order over 300 more pullets and then end up with another 250 roos.


Disappointed is an understatement. I was expecting at least 20% to be boys but not that many. Geez. As you guys can tell I'm still mad about it. 

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We love Ideal, our breeding stock came from them.
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Since I cant find a more recent thread Ill post here
Ordered two female goslings and got 15 packing peanuts!!! One PP was DOA BUT 15 is still good!!

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Are they barred rock roosters
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Originally Posted by maranfarmer563 View Post

Are they barred rock roosters
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Anyone know Ideal Poultry's NPIP #?  I got my chicks from the grain store and they didn't have it handy but mentioned the chicks came from them.  I'd appreciate it!  Makes keeping track of NPIP stuff a bit of a challenge.

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